Organisation full legal name :

Ganz Ábrahám Két Tanítási Nyelvű Szakközépiskola és Szakiskola

Type of organization PUBLIC

Size (staff): about 35

Size (pupils): 456 (aged 6-19)

Address: 1195 Budapest Üllői út 303

Tel: +362829713; Fax: +362829732

Contact: ganziskola@ganziskola.hu

Website: www.ganziskola.hu


Ganz Ábrahám Két Tanítási Nyelvű Szakközépiskola és Szakiskola is a vocational high school and with public and regional interest.  We are located in the south western part of Budapest, in one of the suburbs with close connection to the airport.

There are almost 35 teachers for general education and vocational education: Hungarian , English, Spanish, German languages, Math, ICT, Physics, Chemistry, History, Social Sciences, Biology, Geography, Arts, Technology, Music, Physical Education, CAD CAM and Sport training.

We offer to its students good conditions for studying: 25 classrooms, 2 laboratories, 5 ICT rooms, 2 multimedia halls, a sports field and a gym, and the specific facilities in three collateral buildings.

Our school is and was involved in European partnership projects such as Leonardo Elevator Project and teachers were involved in Comenius LLL Projects.

We have also been affected by the economic and social changes within the society and economy and many students are at risk of leaving school. For most of them, school remains the only place where they can receive social assistance and quality education. What we are trying to do for our students is to provide motivation for a quality education, to make them participate in programs and projects that stimulate students’ creativity, to promote  students’ skills through extracurricular activities, labor market training (vocational education).


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